WhatsApp Voice Messages Speed ​​Up Feature is Now Active

WhatsApp Voice Messages Speed ​​Up Feature is Now Active

While we are wondering what the WhatsApp privacy agreement change will be and whether the application will change, new features are coming to the application. While everyone was focusing on the privacy agreement, the feature of speeding up WhatsApp voice messages was also announced.

Is this feature necessary? What options will it offer? Why speed up the sounds? Let’s see what it is and what it isn’t.

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WhatsApp voice messages speed up feature will offer 3 options

It was announced as a new feature and there is no debate about it, but we actually know that testing started before.

Whatever feature we saw in the beta, which included the sound acceleration feature, we saw the same feature in the final update. So this means that there are currently 3 options for voice messages.


  • Playback at 1X standard speed
  • 1.5X one click faster playback
  • 2X fastest playback

You will be able to use the WhatsApp voice messages speed up feature by choosing one of three options. After the last update, information was given that this update can be used by everyone.

However, it has arrived on every device. If you ask whether everyone can use it now, it seems that the updates have not been completed for all devices yet.

Because not everyone has seen the update yet and therefore has not started using the new feature yet. It will reach everyone soon and everyone will be able to use the feature.

There is still no explanation about the new confidentiality agreement that we are curious about. It was said that the decision was stopped in our country, but we will wait to see whether the implementation will take a step back worldwide.

Apparently, this does not affect future new features or future updates. It was recently revealed that the ability to transfer backups between devices with different operating systems has also been developed.

It is said that there will be an update for this feature soon. So WhatsApp does not stop. On the one hand, he continues on his way and on the other hand, he responds to criticism.

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