Meta Opens Store for VR and Metaverse!

Meta Opens Store for VR and Metaverse! 

Meta , one of the internet and technology giants , officially announced that they will open their first retail store next month to introduce people to the metaverse world and sell VR products more easily. The company will open its first store on May 9 at its campus in Burlingame, California.

The store will offer a hands-on experience on all hardware products through interactive demos. A new store section has also opened on Meta’s official website, making ordering the company’s hardware easier than ever. Through this store, Meta aims to encourage potential customers to purchase the Portal device, Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses and Quest VR headsets, which can make video calls.


In this store, visitors will be able to experience virtual reality technology from professional hands, as well as buy the virtual reality technologies that the company sells after experiencing them, and learn about the Metaverse world. Additionally, store visitors will be able to obtain a 30-second mixed reality clip of their experience.

We don’t yet know if the first retail store, which will open at 1,550 square feet and some distance from Meta’s Reality Labs headquarters, will expand to other states and countries.

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