Is Nimo TV Closing? So why?

Is Nimo TV Closing? So why?

A shocking development has come to the fore for Nimo TV, whose popularity has increased recently and is thought to be a rival to Twitch in the future . According to the latest information, the platform is likely to be closed. So is Nimo TV really shutting down? Is the reason for the decision clear?

Nimo TV Stops Its Operations All Over the World

It has been revealed that Nimo TV, which has increased in popularity in our country after the corruption allegations on Twitch, will be closed not only in our country but all over the world.

It is said that broadcast platforms based in China have decided to stop their activities all over the world.

So this situation is not just about our country. We know that information confirming the news has come from publishers on the subject.

We last saw that Jahrein moved his broadcasts to this platform, and as we said, the platform became increasingly popular.

Frankly, it is also noteworthy that there is no official statement as to why the platform was closed. One wonders what exactly is behind this sudden decision, but it is not possible to know unless company officials explain it.

Maybe even its recently increasing popularity was not enough, maybe there is another situation happening in China, we don’t know.

Now there is no choice but to wait for official statements as to why such a decision was made. Again, if the broadcast platform makes a statement on the subject, we will continue to share the developments with you.

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