Intel Suspended Its Operations in Russia!

Intel Suspended Its Operations in Russia!

Intel , which had previously stopped chip sales in Russia , has now suspended all its commercial activities in the country.

Chipmaker Intel Corporation said on Tuesday that  it had stepped up its response to Russia ‘s war against Ukraine and completely suspended operations in the country. It was observed that this move affected 1,200 employees in the country.

On March 3  , Intel suspended shipments of its products, especially processors, to customers in Russia and Belarus. The complete suspension of these works came shortly after evidence emerged that the Russian army had committed war crimes against civilians in the Kiev suburb of Bucha, which it occupied before withdrawing.

Intel Speaks Clear

“ Intel continues to join the global community in condemning Russia’s war against Ukraine and calling for a rapid return to peace,” it said in a statement Tuesday . You can go to the description via the link.

Russia’s war against its neighbor has dramatically changed the global business environment. Many countries imposed economic sanctions and companies stopped their business in Russia. Although Russia’s economy is not as large or as globally important as China, Germany, or the United States, it is a major producer of gas, oil, and grain.

Even though 1.5 months have passed after the war, the sanctions continue and as we see, it seems that these sanctions against Russia will not be stopped.

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