HP Pavilion 800 Mechanical RGB Keyboard is Coming to BİM Markets

HP Pavilion 800 Mechanical RGB Keyboard is Coming to BİM Markets

I wouldn’t be lying if I said that we are used to seeing player equipment in supermarket chains. Every week we see at least one grocery store chain offering at least one piece of gaming equipment for sale. This week, BİM makes a surprise and offers the HP Pavilion 800 mechanical RGB keyboard for sale.

In fact, this keyboard was also on sale at BİM before. The only difference is that this time the price seems to be a little higher.

HP Pavilion 800 Mechanical RGB Keyboard Features and Price to be Sold at BİM

Let’s start by talking about the mechanical keyboard’s key preference. Red switches are preferred in this model . The keyboard, which comes with keys that stand out with their slightly less loud sound, offers a durability of 50 million key presses on the key section.



Offering standard wired use , the HP Pavilion 800 mechanical RGB keyboard also offers features that gamers are looking for, such as anti-ghosting.

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Regarding the illumination of the keyboard, we should point out that it has 4-zone LED illumination . You can make lighting-related arrangements via the keyboard.

HP Pavilion 800 , which has advantages such as a removable wrist support section and non-slip feet, will be in BİM markets again on April 22 . There is no information about the stock of the keyboard.

The price appears to be 699 TL . Frankly, when I checked on a few sites, I saw places selling it at more affordable prices. There are places that sell above these prices determined for BİM markets, but as I said, there are also places that sell at 600 TL. Now we will see how preferred BİM is in the markets.

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