Hong Kong Starts Offering iPhones Teslas Gold Bars and More for Vaccine Promotion!

Hong Kong Starts Offering iPhones Teslas Gold Bars and More for Vaccine Promotion!

Hong Kong-based companies are offering citizens a number of different incentives to get vaccinated, including iPhones, Tesla cars, apartments and even the chance to win a pile of gold coins, and the plan is working. Since the campaign came into force, bookings for both doses of the vaccine have increased.

Bloomberg reported that Hong Kong authorities are turning to local businesses and their billionaire owners to help improve vaccine uptake. Only about 15.1% of Hong Kong’s 7.5 million population has been vaccinated for the pandemic period. As with many people who refuse the vaccine, fears about possible side effects and a lack of trust in the Beijing-backed government are prompting many to delay getting vaccinated.

Daily number of cases in Hong Kong: 7 people

Low case numbers in Hong Kong, which currently has many of the world’s strictest quarantine and social distancing measures, are causing some people to question why they should get vaccinated. About seven new infections are currently being recorded per day, and only 210 people have died from the COVID-19 outbreak this year since the pandemic began. But the need to fully reopen the economy and protect against new variables prompted the stimulus plan.

Hong Kong-born businessman Li Ka-shing’s CK Group is distributing $2.6 million worth of shopping vouchers through a lottery to anyone who has received two doses of the vaccine to encourage those who do not want or do not believe in getting the vaccine. Another company is offering $1.29 million in subsidies for vaccinated low-income residents.

Some other companies offer even more interesting products: iPhones, a Tesla Model 3, cash payments, coupons and extra time off for employees. One company is offering gold bars as prizes, while another is offering the vaccinated population the chance to win a new $1.4 million apartment.

If there were campaigns offering this type of vaccination incentives in our country, would you decide to get vaccinated? Tell me in the comments

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