GIGABYTE New E-series Edge Servers Will Reveal the Advantages of 5G

GIGABYTE New E-series Edge Servers Will Reveal the Advantages of 5G

Infrastructure work for 5G technology, which will come immediately after 4.5G, continues rapidly. If we look at the global market, many devices have started to come with 5G compatible. Research already shows that the technology in question is becoming increasingly widespread.

According to the November 2020 issue of the Ericsson Mobility Report , the number of 5G subscriptions will increase to 3.5 billion in just 5 years, that is, in 2026 . This means that the transition to 5G technology is accelerating and is inevitable.

Of course, this will speed up communication and make significant contributions to technology. However, data generated by 5G mobile devices and data from IoT devices used in smart cities and production factories will receive much more bandwidth with 5G .

If we consider cloud computing as a standard, all this data will need to be processed by data centers before being transmitted back to devices or centers. However, as bandwidth increases, there will be delays in the response times of this data exchange. This means that we will lose the advantages that 5G will offer us.

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GIGABYTE E-series Edge Servers Are Candidates to Solve the Problem

In order to solve this problem, GIGABYTE announced the new E-series Edge server family. Edge servers will enable the processing power of data centers to extend to the outer limits of the internet.

Edge servers can also quickly process high-resolution images and other forms of data. In this way, delay problems that may occur are prevented. In addition, thanks to these servers, real-time, on-demand computing services can also be provided.

If we make a general evaluation, with all these pluses , GIGABYTE 5G MEC solutions are ideal technologies for the renewed 5G communication era.

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