Epin.com.tr Started to Serve in Azerbaijan!

Epin.com.tr Started to Serve in Azerbaijan!

Murat Yeşilyurt , the owner of Yeşilyurt Game and the doyen of the epin industry , which continues to serve since 2004, purchased the EPİN.com.tr platform in 2016 to create his global vision and provide a new service concept to institutions and established EPİN Payment and Communication Technologies Inc. in Turkey. .S. He founded his company. It prioritizes customer satisfaction on its way with the motto of the best service in its field and the most affordable price.

Serving as Turkey’s largest epin sales platform, EPİN has been continuing its activities as the pioneer of the digital game industry since 2016. Setting out with the philosophy of reliable service and happy users, EPİN reveals its difference by carrying out extremely successful and effective works from past to present.

EPİN has reached the position of Transit Trade Center by exporting epin to the whole world. Epin both provides foreign currency inflow to our country and aims to make our country among the global brands in the world by opening representative offices all over the world.

In addition to the Epin service it offers, the company is also the official Turkey and Global Distributor of mobile applications and games such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Lords Mobile, Metin2, Riot Games, Google Play, Microsoft Xbox, Zula, Pointblank, ENUYGUN, Exxen, Gamer Arena.

In addition to epin sales directly to its users, it continues to serve its users with an uninterrupted, fast and affordable price policy by supplying epin to more than 1,000 dealers in Turkey and globally.

EPİN has implemented the corporate company integration system by providing epin to corporate companies along with its own dealers. Today, the company provides products to more than 40 companies and continues to grow with the successful work it carries out.

Among the names from which EPİN supplies products are;

  • QNB Finansbank
  • Denizbank fastPay
  • Teknosa

There are companies such as.

The physical points where EPİN sells are;

  • TEKNOSA Stores = 213 Physical locations
  • Faturamatik = 7,400 physical points
  • Practical Action = 6,000 Physical points
  • InvoiceTIM = 3,500 Physical points
  • PPA = 4,500 Physical points
  • UPT (Cheap Money Transfer) = 10,000 Physical points

Aiming to grow and develop with forward-looking activity plans, EPIN took a big step to expand its investment network by opening its first foreign representative office in Azerbaijan due to its global volumes. General Manager of the company, Bahadır ÜLKÜ, said: “Azerbaijan is just the beginning. As global volumes increase, we want to develop our investments in the future and become a well-known company that actively serves all over the world. Our goal is to create a reliable Turkish brand that is recognized all over the world.” He stated that investments will continue.

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