Countdown Begins for 2021 Thermaltake Expo June Event

Countdown Begins for 2021 Thermaltake Expo June Event

Thermaltake, which stands out with powerful coolers, stylishly designed gaming hardware with RGB support and much more, is preparing for a new show. With the 2021 Thermaltake Expo June event , the brand will show its new products and answer the questions that players are curious about.

While new products will be announced at the virtual event, developments about brand strategies will also be shared. Especially this season, we will see the motto “Your MOD, Your WAY” to be adopted . Based on the concept of “Your MOD, Your WAY” , which will be presented as a new marketing idea , a new, more vibrant color scheme will be offered in your favorite product groups.

In this way, we will see more customization options offered for the target audience: modders, gamers and PC system building enthusiasts. So when will the event be held and where can we follow the event?

When does the 2021 Thermaltake Expo June event start?

There is very little time left for the event. The start date of the virtual event was announced as June 1 and will continue until June 4 . During this period, we will see a new launch every day according to the determined calendar.

The event will be broadcast live on the brand’s Global YouTube channel, Facebook page and event microsite page. For the first 3 days, we will see that broadcasts will be made in English in order to make the broadcasts global. Afterwards, there will be a broadcast in Chinese on the last day.

Moreover, we will not only see new products or new marketing ideas. In addition, we will also see questions and answers and PC collection activities that will be presented live at the end of the broadcasts. Let’s add the determined activity flow for a more detailed understanding.

2021 Thermaltake Expo June – Programs

CEO Will Make a Speech for the Opening

  • On June 1 at 14:30 GMT+8, Thermaltake CEO Kenny Lin will give a keynote speech for the event where the newest products will be showcased.

Product Launch Premieres

  • The first product launch premiere will begin immediately after the CEO’s keynote speech on June 1.
  • Afterwards, there will be new product premieres on June 2-3 at 14:30 GMT+8.

Product Discussions with Thermaltake

  • On June 1st and June 2nd at 19:00 GMT+10, Thermaltake’s most anticipated products will be reviewed. The latest features will be discussed and designs will be discussed.
  • There will be live PC gathering and Q&A.

User Experience with Thermaltake

  • On June 1st and June 2nd at 13:00 GMT-7, the latest developments regarding the Thermaltake brand will be discussed and how to provide the best user experience with the latest products will be explained. There will also be a live PC creation guide and there will be questions and answers.

This is the information announced for the 2021 Thermaltake Expo June event . For those who want to follow the event, let’s add the brand’s social media addresses below.

  • Thermaltake Facebook page is here . Activity can be tracked.
  • Thermaltake YouTube channel is here . Again, the activity can be tracked.
  • The webpage Thermaltake created for the event is here . Again, the event can be monitored.

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