Computer Compliant with Military Standards is Produced in Turkey

Computer Compliant with Military Standards is Produced in Turkey

The share of domestic and national production in the defense industry continues to increase day by day. Aside from the fact that the vehicles in the field have started to be produced with national resources, the computers used by the defense units and in the vehicles in the field, which comply with international durability standards, have passed all the tough tests and are produced in Turkey using local and national facilities.

Computers produced by Technopc with national resources are specially strengthened products for the national defense industry and products that are resistant to all military conditions. Also Technopc; It also makes developments in important areas such as the production of military technology, application areas in the field, engineering services and service services.

So, what standards do these products and computers produced with national resources meet? What’s the difference?

What does Compliant with Military Standards mean?

Durability is very important for equipment used in the defense industry. The products produced due to field conditions are expected to be suitable for all conditions and situations and to be durable. The equipment and products used in this field are subjected to some internationally determined tests.

These tests determine whether the products meet international durability standards. Computers have a much more important place here.

Since computers are used in very critical tasks such as communication and communications in the defense industry, it is even more important that they meet these standards. So what standards are we talking about?

MIL-STD: One of the most important standards in this field, the US-origin MIL-STD (US Military Defense Standards) Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests are now standards evaluated on a global basis. Military standards, which are widely used in the industry, are no longer limited to the USA and are of global importance.

NATO AQAP (Allied Quality Assurance Standard ): These are the quality and assurance standards determined by NATO. It is very important for NATO member countries and is one of the most critical parts of contracts awarded in the military field. In our country, updates to NATO standardsare directly reflected in ISO 9000 documents.

IP (International Protection): It is one of the global standards developed by the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC). The equivalent European standard is known as EN 60529 .

While devices that comply with military standards are produced, extremely durable devices that meet the conditions of all these standards are produced. When we look at military computers used in the defense industry, certain conditions are expected to be met based on these standards.

Such as working at high or low temperatures, being resistant to dust and sand, being resistant to shock and vibration, and being resistant to moisture and salt mist.

What to Consider When Choosing a Computer Resistant to Military Conditions?

Actually, we have given a brief summary above, but in order to explain it better, we need to also mention what should be taken into consideration when making a choice in this field. Murat Yücel, Founding Partner of Technopc, which produces computers that meet military standards, which are extremely durable devices, makes the following statement on this subject:

“When choosing the computers they will use in the defense industry, institutions should carefully analyze the environmental conditions in which the device will operate. While there are computers that meet all international standards, computers that meet only one or a few standards are produced.

There are hardware differences between a computer to be used in a submarine and a computer to be used in a tank. In line with these differences, production elements and the test and analysis methods applied accordingly may change. For this reason, the first thing to consider when choosing a computer to be used in the defense industry is the operating environment of the device.

Speed ​​and decision making are very important factors in the defense industry. For this reason, it is important not to ignore computer performance when choosing a computer. It is necessary to position a processor on the computer that will provide maximum performance.

At the same time, when choosing a component, there are other performance determining factors such as ram type and capacity, storage technology. In addition, the choice of motherboard and the stable operation of the units on it are another of the main factors that determine performance. “In this regard, when choosing a computer, a project team should be formed together with the manufacturer.” 

As we see from the explanations, when making a choice in this field, all conditions should be considered and production should be made by evaluating all conditions.

So, How Does Technopc Make a Difference?

First of all, it should be known that Technopc, which has a local and national manufacturer certificate, is one of the members of SAHA Istanbul, which produces special projects for the defense sector and is also known as Turkey’s largest industrial cluster.

Defense Aerospace Cluster Association (SAHA) ; It is an association founded in 2015 with the initiatives of 27 founding members, with the aim of developing high value-added technological products, backed by the power of 65 thousand industrial companies.

Technopc , which has become one of the largest clusters of the European Aviation Clusters Association, is chaired by Mr. He is one of the valuable members of SAHA Istanbul, created by Haluk Bayraktar. With this awareness of responsibility, it continues to produce the best technological product solutions.

Technopc Produces Computers Complying with Military Standards

The products offered by Technopc , which works to develop products that comply with all these standards , are specially strengthened products for the local and national defense industry and are resistant to all conditions.

The company, which is Turkey’s domestic brand, includes military computers and tablets in its product range that are tested and certified in accordance with international standards, especially NATO, IP and MIL-STD . All these products are physically coated with high-strength material and provide maximum protection against falls from every angle.

In addition, waterproofing is perfect and all interfaces are covered with both waterproof and dustproof material. Products that are resistant to extreme heat, cold and military conditions also offer ease of use.

Many equipment produced by Technopc and used in the defense industry are also used in industrial facilities. Their product range includes Rugged tablets and notebooks, panel PCs, Rugged phones, handheld terminals and barcode readers .

In devices produced by Technopc ; Maximum processor power, high storage memory, international standards such as MIL-STD-810 and IP , choice of Windows or Android operating system , touch screen options from   6 inches to 19 inches are offered. In Technopc products; It also offers uninterrupted communication opportunities with water and dust resistance, shock resistance, high-performance battery, 4G/LTE and A-GPRS connections.

The TPN14TW Ruggeds Notebook series , which complies with military standards, offers the fastest processor, the fastest and most powerful memory and advanced storage options in addition to the desired operating system.

It is possible to choose computers with a 14-inch Full HD touch screen and external GPU , suitable for use when wet, with a pen or gloves .

The military computer, which comes with Sim Card, VGA, HDMI, SD Card, USB 3.1, RS232, RJ45, AUX connections, also has NFC and a 2 MP camera .

The military computer, which also includes the advantages of a fingerprint sensor for maximum security, also offers maximum access to the world under all conditions with Integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet, Intel Dual Band Wirelles, Bluetooth 5.0, 4G/LTE, GPS .

Computers with MIL-SDT-810G certification and IP53 certification are produced according to storage temperature conditions from -50 degrees to 70 degrees . The military computer, which contains so much technology, weighs only 2400 grams despite all this technology .

Let’s talk about the details you may be wondering about Technopc, a company that also produces computers in accordance with military standards.

Things to Know About Technopc

Continuing its activities in Turkey , Technopc is one of the ambitious companies in the IT sector. The company, which started its commercial life in 1998 , started producing under its own name in 2006 .

Technopc, the first computer manufacturer with a domestic production certificate, has managed to become one of the leading companies in its sector.

The company, which is a member of SAHA Istanbul, is not only known for what it produces for the defense industry. At the same time, products such as Desktop Computers, Gaming Computers, Industrial PCs, All in One, Servers, Storage, Workstation, Mini PCs and Tablets are offered for end users and corporate customers.

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